Oper8tor Here To "Dirty" Us Up A Bit

by MIKEL MCCOY · February 29, 2008

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    Note from GofG: Observant, cultural theorist, and opinionated on everything from fashion trends to cheap beers. Live and Direct from the Planet of Brooklyn, Oper8tor has joined the team at Guest of a Guest to bring the insight and knowledge that, not going into the city on weekends or ever venturing above 14th St, deliberately brings.

    It's clear that BK (that means Brooklyn y'all) is pretty much the the epicenter of what is avant-garde, new, I could even say hip, these days in New York. From my first meeting with the gofg crew, I could tell I was dealing with an overly posh, refined bunch, that could use a bit of my flavor lying just across the bridge and over the river. That means more art and culture from the people who dress, look, and do things a bit funny, and a little bit dirtier, but all in the name of New York.

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