Daily Style File: Natalie Portman's Baby Daddy Benjamin Millepied's Sorry Attempt At 'Blue Steel' For YSL Campaign

by Diana Graham · July 19, 2011

    By now we're all at least vaguely familiar with this lucky Frenchman and his forehead. We've seen him dance in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, impregnate Natalie Portman, and bare his chest for Details. Now we're forced to stare at his overly intense mug while he tries to convince us to buy YSL's latest fragrance for men.


    Born in Bordeaux, France on June 10th, 1977

    Raised in Dakar, Senegal

    Began his ballet training at the age of 8

    Recently became a father (of son Aleph Portman-Millepied)

    Is both a dancer and choreographer



    His mother, a former ballet dancer, began training him at age 8

    Studied with Michel Rahn in Lyon, France between the ages of 13 and 16

    Began attending School of American Ballet in 1992

    Became principal dancer within NYC Ballet's corps de ballet in 2002

    Has his own company: Danses Concertantes

    Choreographed for and acted in Black Swan


    Dating Portman

    The two met on the set of Black Swan in 2009

    Shortly thereafter, Millepied left his then live-in girlfriend (dancer Isabella Boylston)

    His and Portman's engagement was revealed on December 27, 2010

    Their first child, Aleph, was born in June of this year


    The Verdict

    I'm sure Millepied is a great dancer but, judging by this latest ad, his modeling skills are lacking. And somehow I doubt he'd be gracing the pages of magazines and scoring cologne campaigns if it weren't for his high-profile romance with Portman. I also can't help thinking that he's aware of this and probably suspected as much when he traded up in 2009. Sure, I get it, mere plebs leave their significant others for other people all the time but something tells me Millepied might've seen that shiny YSL ad in his future, if you know what I mean.




    I can't tell if I dislike him because of who he actually is or because of the way Portman breathlessly mentioned him and how much she adored him in every single speech she made for every single award she won for Black Swan that she did not deserve. Do I sound bitter? Looks like, in the end, Millepied might just be guilty by association. In that case, sorry, man.


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