Daily Style Phile: Aliona Doletskaya

by SARAH FLOREA · July 29, 2010

    Meet Aliona Doletskaya, the Anna Wintour of Russia. The editor in chief of Vogue Russia for 13 years, has caught the eye of many today for her resignation from the magazine! Well known for the balance between high fashion and commercialism that she incorporated into the magazine, she also was rumored to be next in line for Anna Wintour's job at American Vogue.

    -Never afraid to make a statement, she broke the 'mold', set standards, and always created beauty out of something new!

    “Fashion is a world in which everything is gorgeous, stunning, caramel on top of caramel, and cream on top of that,” she said. “But in reality you have to fire people, to say things that are not particularly nice. There is a contrast between what you do socially and what happens behind closed doors.”

    Doletskaya stepped up to position 13 years ago when Vogue Russia was introduced during an economic state of turmoil. Starting her trip to the cream of the fashion crop started way back when along the musty hallways of Soviet academia....all the way up to the present where she resides in plush penthouses looking out over her Russian Kremlin.

    It's almost as if all three power editors (Aliona Doletskaya, Carine Roitfeld, and Anna Wintour) were cut from the same cloth. With their fox-like features and fondness of curve-skimming dresses (I wonder if the Conde Nast publications did that on purpose?).

    When you ultimately run one of the largest Fashion Magazines in the world, your dogs might just be your one (in this case 3) and only true friend. Aliona looks fabulous in this white wide -legged jumpsuit belted at the waist! Wearing a black and white printed shift with an accompanying b &w skull silk scarf, I wouldn't expect anything less from this editor for being on top of the trends (of course this picture is not recent).

    Aliona Doletskaya and BryanBoy @Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week, NY

    Too bad Polaroid is no longer around since it was such a hit for quick snapshots for hipsters at party scenes. Though no hipster, Aliona's bliss is truely captured in this Poloroid, she even looks good in mid sentence with eyes shut. Love the gaga-esque glasses BryanBoy.

    Doing what she does best, Aliona watching with anticipation at Fashion Week. Why is it that celebrities find the need to wear sunglasses to the shows?

    Imagine that, in the office, and working none the less. Love the choppy bangs and casual composure. I don't blame her for showing a little skin, after all Russia does get pretty cold, and although furs do look fabulous who would be able to deny the summer months of wonderful weather.

    Russian Vogue now has a circulation estimation of 200,000 with up to 340 pages of advertising in its September issue. Many look up to this wonder woman for her professionalism and ability to churn milk into butter. So although a Great in the Vogue Editor franchise has resigned, I know this isn't the last that we'll see of Aliona Doletskaya. Keep a lookout for the slim fitting dresses, perfectly choppy hair, and sunglasses... there's no telling where she'll show up next, who knows she might even start her own magazine.

    (Pictures courtesy of Syrup blog, Bryan Boy, Life, AlionaDoletsky Twit pic)