Daily Style Phile: Anisha Lakhani

by CHLOE POST · July 19, 2010

    Anisha Lakhani, private school teacher-turned author has been hitting the social scene recently. She created quite a controversy exposing Manhattan's private school world in her book, Scooped.  But maybe being a "gossip girl" pays off because she is looking more fabulous than ever!-




    Anisha has been dubbed "Gossip Woman" by Marie Claire, which seems appropriate enough as she is an expert on the privileged and prep-school elites.  She has come a long way since teaching at Upper East Side's private school, Dalton, which she wrote a tell-all book on (very much in the style of Cecily von Zeigesar.)

    Here she is sporting her unique pairing of her fave colors- a variety of shades of purple and yellows!

    It seems she has given up her English-tutoring days for good as she is rumored to be working on her second book. Possibly stemming around her new relationships with socialites throughout the Manhattan scene..? (She is often photographed with Tinsley Mortimer, Annabelle Vartanian and Chessy Wilson.)

    Accessorizing her trusty purple/yellow look with her beloved shitzu (and her own personal class mascot) Harold Moscowitz.

    After leaving the tutoring world and releasing her book, Anisha was embraced by the fashion industry. The launch of her book "Schooled" was held at Alice + Olivia, and then this past September Rebecca Taylor hosted a Fashion Week Party for "Schooled." Clearly, Anisha is making her mark, not only with her witty literature but also with her unique style, and major hitters in fashion are taking notice.

    She also tends to keep her look light and fresh with bright white looks that compliment her perfectly bronzed skin tone!

    Rocking a harder "New York" look with a bold blue dress under a classic black blazer.

    She also is daring enough to try a variation on her purple infatuation. Still keeping with bold prints and vibrant accessories.

    Anisha has come a long way since teaching middle school to Upper East Side tweens. She has totally come into her own, and if she keeps the same socialite company, we suspect her style will only get better with time. And we are happy to say that it seems like she is taking fashion tips from boho-chic Serena opposed to uptown prep Blair..

    Images via Anisha's Facebook, Papermag.com, Fabricmag.com, NYSocialDiary.com, Famegame