Daily Style Phile: Artem Emelianov Aka DJ Mess Kid Heating Things Up

by Rachelle Hruska · January 28, 2009

    [DJ Mess Kid runs the party at Southside, Kashmir Snowdon-Jones approves]

    There's a new DJ in town showing up over and over again on our radar.  It's DJ Mess Kid (aka Artem Emelianov) and he's accumulated quite a following, spinning at places like Southside, 1oak, Beatrice Inn (he was in Rory Guiness' video), and Submercer. He is has socialites like Kashmir Snowdon-Jones, Alexandra Richard and Jules Kirby as fans, just to name a few, and, with his boyish good looks, is quite popular with all the ladies.  Check out his myspace for his next moves. He certaintly is putting the pressure on DJ Nick Cohen Question: Who's the better DJ?? Mess Kid or Nick Cohen?

    More photos below:

    [DJ Nick Cohen]