Daily Style Phile: Beth Shak, Stiletto-Loving Poker Pro

by Roxana Hernandez · July 28, 2011

    Don't let her poker face fool you, card player Beth Shak is the all time girlie girl. She is even putting, Carrie Bradshaw, the all time shoe lover, to shame. With tournament titles under her belt she is on every Poker Pro's watch list and every girls envy.



    Name: Beth Shak

    Born: November 8, 1969

    Job: Professional Poker Player

    Status: Divorced

    Reality TV: Millionaire Matchmaker, MTV Cribs



    After her divorce to Daniel Shak, who is also a professional poker player, she appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker hoping Patti Stanger would help her find love again. She's a mother of three and an active philanthropist. She plays in many charity poker tournaments and has raised money for many charities, most notably for The Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania Palliative Care Program. She will be featured in an upcoming film documentary God Save My Shoes and is looking to pair up with a charity to give away up to 100 pairs of her designer heels.


    Before she was a professional poker player she first started playing online poker. Once she felt comfortable playing with "play money" then she started playing live. Her biggest challenge was not letting men intimidate her. She said,

    "She wanted to be known as a good player not a good player .... for a woman."

    Since going pro in 2004, she's won ten tournament cashes, placing her on the top percentile of the Women's All Time Money List. In 2007 she placed 2nd (out of 800 players) in the $3K No-Limit Hold'em event. She then made it to the final day of Season 5 of the European Poker Tour, finishing top 30 out of 500 players.



    Putting Carrie Bradshaw to Shame

    Beth Shak cashes her chips to fulfill her passion, buying shoes. She tells NYPOST,

    "It's my one happiness"

    Her three closets full of size 7, designer stilettos (no flats or sneakers) would make any girl jealous, even Carrie Bradshaw. She has 1,200 pairs of heels, which, includes a collection of 700 pairs of Christian Louboutins worth over $500,000!

    "To me, his shoes are like fine art. It's like wearing a piece of jewelry."

    Her love for Loubs have even got her on a special list. The Paris based shoe company sends her emails with special orders and tips about limited-editions shoes.

    Not only her lucky pair of heels but her favorite shoes to wear during any poker tournament are her pair of custom made Hot Pink Walter Steiger pumps.