Daily Style Phile: Brooklyn Flea Fort Greene

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 20, 2010

    [all photos by Natasha Ryan for metromixny] Last Saturday, the Brooklyn Flea market in Fort Greene began its run, and the attendees covered all the retro bases.

    Look, I get it. People in Brooklyn are I cooler than an Igloo ice chest in Minnesota. We know the who and the where... now, let's try and figure out the what and the why.

    This duo. This particular trench reminds me of Carmen Sandiego. In her own right, Sandiego was a jettsetter who didn't have any time for love, which makes her an enviable vixen. But this girl's scarf makes her look like she actually gives a damn about love. Whether it's with this youthful Mr. Rogers is doubtful.

    Not everyone can pull off shorts with tights, and next to no one can pull off an entire look made up of close-fitting pieces. This girl is doing both. Maybe eating right? Not gonna lie though...a little blousing never hurt anybody.

    Quick -- what was the first thing you noticed about the lady above? Probably the leopard print pattern, right? Did you notice the texture of it? It is fuzzy, which is rather unlike a leopard. Or did you notice the seatbelt messenger bag? Yes, the seatbelt strap sticks out, doesn't it.

    There's a lot to take in here. We've got plaid, ribbons, yellow, and what might be a Notorious B.I.G t-shirt. Oh, and camouflage. And acid washed jeans. Maybe we should stop looking before our eyes stage joint revolts.

    Pooch in a purse, pooch in a purse! Also, high-waisted jeans, wayfearers, and another trench. Stylistically, pretty average. But why do we like it? Maybe because it's not flashy like leopard or strappy like seatbelts? Ugh, it's probably the pooch.

    This guy knows how it goes. Hand in the pocket, weight on one leg. And...pose! The down vest and the cardigan is highly Tommy Hilfiger, and the glasses are a la Grace Kelly. Kudos. (Are we crazy or is this guy the girl above's male avatar?)

    Well, someone went home and raided the 2nd grade last weekend...

    You're Rumer Willis, right? Hey! I haven't seen you since your "Striptease" days!

    [all images by Natasha Ryan for metromixny]