Daily Style Phile: Caroline McCarthy And Scott Kidder, Some Stylish Libras

by Rachelle Hruska · October 16, 2008

    Carolina McCarthyScott Kidder [Caroline McCarthy and Scott Kidder]

    They may not have the EXACT same birthday, (his was Tuesday, her"s is tomorrow) but these two Libras will be celebrating each other in style tonight.  Caroline is the witty blogger for CNET"s The Social and Scott is a wearer of many hats at Gawker Media.  Together, they have quite the Rolodex of friends including Caroline"s BF David Karp (founder of Tumblr), and Julia Allison.  Both will be expected at the big birthday bash tonight, along with loads of Gawkers and Tumblrs.

    More photos of Caroline and Scott below:

    Stay tuned tomorrow to see what other media and techies show up.  As far as style goes, we don"t know Scott well enough to pass judgement, yet.  We all agreed that we definitely dig Caroline"s, especially her always unique earrings.

    Caroline McCarthyScott Kidder

    Julia Allison, Caroline McCarthy, Meghan Asha

    Julia Alison, Caroline McCarthy