Daily Style Phile: Presidential Fashion, The Obamas Versus The McCains

by Rachelle Hruska · October 15, 2008

    Barack Obama, Michelle ObamaJohn McCain, Cindy McCain [Who has better style? The Obamas or the McCains?]

    Political views aside, I want to know who you think makes the more fashionable candidate.  Sure, its easier when you"re tall dark and handsome (and younger!), but I think the McCain"s make a pretty classy pair too (see first shot of them below.  Plus, they weren"t always this old (again, look to photo below).

    Then again, they are lacking those two lovable girls, Malia and Natasha that I want running through the White House Walls.  Anyway, who makes the more fashionable pair???

    Click below for more photos, and go HERE to find out where you can go watch the debates in NYC tonight.


    Barack Obama, Michelle Obama