Daily Style Phile: Cody Ross

by ALANNA LINDER · July 26, 2010

    Meet Cody Ross. The West Village colorful cartoon of everything that New York isn't, but would be so much more fun if it was! He juggles shopping bags, a lively dog, pattern supplies, stock market reports and a fanny pack slung low around his waist. This can mean one of two things, this guy is seriously behind the times, or some kind of awesome.



    Once a young suit-clad financier, Cody took part time courses in pattern making and construction while breaking into the New York economic sector. Then, being the adventurer that he is, he flitted abroad to Shanghai – returning with a whole new style and the launch of a fashion label: Priestess NYC. His label is an underground radical take on street style and urban Japanese funk. If those aren’t enough abstract categorizations for you – most of the Priestess collection is Unisex. Finally, you and your significant other can totally share an entire wardrobe.

    Cody embodies an adoringly bizarre and loveable eighties action figure, complete with a Jared Leto-like blonde cockatiel poof and an ever changing array of quirky prints, stripes and patterns. And when we say quirky – we mean supertotallywackyamazing – like some seriously abstract anatomy, infant skeletons and blood and guts on all over silk organza prints. And we always wonder what he keeps in that fanny pack – is it like a first aid kit? A mini bar? Dog cookies for his shaggy pooch, Hanzo? A murse for the more active man? Or just a throwback to remind us that times really were better in the days of Fresh Prince of Bel Air?

    Cody’s like this ultimate east meets west, uptown meets downtown, crazy meets artistic kind of character. A pretty young thing in oversized sunglasses and the epitome of the blondes have more fun mentality, an electric human being – he the best of both worlds, a financier who uses fashion as a creative outlet to teach us inept New Yorkers that it absolutely not a fashion faux pas to party (and dress) like its 1989.

    [Photos via Cody's Facebook]