Daily Style Phile: Kate Lanphear Directs Our Style

by CARSON GRIFFITH · May 26, 2009

    Ah, another magazine figure. There's Anna Wintour, there's Nina Garcia, there's Anne Slowey, there is even the unusual Katie Price who is always keeping us on our toes. But there is no one like Kate Lanphear, or anyone who quite has style like hers. For those of you who are familiar with the platnium blond style director of US Elle, you may know she already has a cult following in the fashion community. But for those of you who are unaware of the extremely chic yet ultra simple style icon, I advise hopping on the Lanphear bandwagon immediately and pick up a style tip or two... Afterall, who better to model yourself after than a style director?

    With a hipster chic style with a Parisian touch, Lanphear seems to stray away from color. Regardless, the pieces she does choose always seem to work. Pairing neutrals together, Kate seems to favor lots of black, white and gray, boyfriend shapes, and basics, such as tees, blazers and jeans. So where did she pick up such sensational style? It probably helped that she held posts at "Vogue Australia" and "Harper's Bazaar" while living in Australia. However, little known fact: she's actually a Washington DC native.

    While we can't get enough of Kate, she's not always the easiest to find. Even though she's a New York resident, she doesn't show face at every fashion party, but there's one place you can definitely find her: At the tents. During fashion week, she is never one to miss a big show. Afterall, work is work, and "Elle" needs her to do her job.

    [Picture from BareWitnessAndWait]

    Besides her baggy trousers and love of studded sandals (she's known to rock the Balenciagas), Lanphear is also recognized for the fresh face look she sports. Wearing little to no make-up, one can only respect someone in the fashion world who does such a move - and pulls it off.

    Want to join Kate Lanphear in the fashion magazine ranks? We'd recommend getting yourself some gray cashmere, a well-fitting black blazer, some expensive towering heels (Rodarte or Christian Louboutin preferably), and top it off with the perfect over-sized bag (anything from YSL to Balenciaga will do). Make sure to keep it neutral, keep it simple and keep it chic. Don't be afraid of fur, and don't be afraid of layers, and we think you'll do just fine. Throw out your make-up bag. Oh, and if you're really serious, get yourself a pair of scissors and a bottle of bleach. But, hey, it's just a suggestion...