Daily Style Phile: Kate Middleton

by Cary Randolph Fuller · January 7, 2010

    Everyone knows Kate Middleton's story: the cute commoner stole Prince William's heart at university and has since become a latter day Diana, a princess of the people who spends her days at polo and parties. But while Middleton wasn't born with royal blood, she does boast another innate quality: that of incredible style.

    These days a coveted wardrobe can bring you as many fans as, say, dating the world's most eligible bachelor. Though she has only recently begun making official appearances, the paparazzi have traced her every move for years now, and their photographs tell the story of a young lady who has come into her own with great confidence despite constant scrutiny.

    Like her boyfriend's mother before her, Middleton looks as comfortable in an evening gown as she does in quintessentially "British" tweeds, jodphurs, and blazers. Often seen wearing Philip Treacy couture hats and fascinators, Middleton's outfits never even hint at the wardrobe malfunctions preferred by the more declasse American tabloid princesses. (Various nipple slips and lady part flashings unfortunately come to mind.) And whether dressed up in sequins or down in denim and riding boots, Middleton always wears a smile. Hopefully she will put the rumors to rest and hop across the pond to our fair city, bringing with her that chic, classic, and dare I say it, regal sensibility. Let's face it: dating the future king of England would make any girl famous, but Middleton's style and star quality are all her own.

    [And Kate might soon bring her style savvy to New York!]

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