Daily Style Phile: Ke$ha

by Chiara Atik · January 8, 2010

    WHOA, Ke$ha, babe, are you ok? What happened?!  Do you need me to call someone? Like, the police?

    Oh, that's your look? Oh boy....Ke$ha first caught our eye at a Teen Vogue party, where her ghoulish look and expression stood apart from the rest of the young stars. Since then, she's been everywhere, and even got a laudatory profile in the New York Times, in which her appearance was descrbed as:

    "...she was dressed like a hippie pirate, with matted dirty blond hair and black makeup streaming from her right eye in precise darts."

    Well that's a start. Let me take it one step further and say that she looks like a down on her luck hooker. Black heels, patterned tights, huge shirt, droopy jacket, and finger in the socket hair seem to be her signature style. She's clearly trying to look like she just spent a long night partying...in 1983.

    I understand the concept of an "artistic persona", I really do, and I can understand that Kesha the person doesn't necessarily dress up like Ke$ha the rapper/singer. But her look is so much less imaginative than, for instance, Lady Gaga's. And she puts so much EFFORT into looking like she isn't trying at all.

    Her look wasn't always so...deconstructed. In a 2004 appearance on Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's The Simple Life, the extent of the then-Kesha's rebelious wardrobe was a visible bra strap, town jeans, and some seriously chunky highlights.

    And, while attending a wedding as part of the episode, she looked downright demure in light blue, curled hair, and a pretty scarf. I'm not saying this look is necessarily amazing, but at least it shows more variety than the "Evil Olsen Triplet" look she's sporting now.

    Ke$ha, there are a lot of awesome things about you, besides your cameo on The Simple Life. You secretly laid the vocal tracks to "Right Round", even though you didn't get credit. You survived on food stamps growing up, you're a white female rapper, and, randomly, your brother writes for The Huffington Post. So you have all the makings of someone awesome.

    Just wow us with some new looks, ok?

    [Images via PMc and Youtube]