Daily Style Phile: Kreayshawn: Internet Meme Or Legit?

by M.J. Koury · May 24, 2011

    Proof that with a raw talent, fresh aesthetics, and some savvy social media networking, it's possible to generate enough blog buzz to make a grassroots project an instant hit. Is Kreayshawn the new Rebbecca Black or is she something more legitimate?


    Born: East Oakland, CA

    School: Berkley Film School dropout

    Upbringing: Musical household; mom was in an all girl band

    Occupation: Cinematographer, editor, director, rapper, photographer, girl about town



    Internet Success

    Kreayshawn (inspired by the word "creation," apparently) is a tiny rapper based in the Bay Area who wears an 80's nostalgic, funky- bright wardrobe that will probably sweep the East Coast soon enough come summer. Her video "Gucci Gucci" was released only a week ago and already it's been watched over half a million times. The circumstances of Kreayshawn are mysterious because this is her first real hit, but she's been on the Bay Area rap scene for years, part of a fashion-rap-feminism movement that Lady Tragik is also a big name in.


    Is She For Real?

    Brand: "White Girl Mob," which is sure to get some people talking

    Best line: "I got the swag, and it's pumping out my ovaries"

    Friends: V-Nasty, Soulja Boy, Lady Tragik, The Real L Word Gals, Lil'B

    Currently Working On: An album called "Life With Loopy," produced by Dame Grease

    Here she parties with Soulja Boy:

    She certainly has credibility that other memes lacked. We are betting we will see more of her and it won't be in a FunnyorDie parody.