Daily Style Phile: Like A Good New Yorker, Madonna's Daughter Lourdes Likes Her Black

by SARAH MANDATO · December 23, 2009

    Madonna, Lourdes LeonWhen your mother is Madonna, it's undeniable that there is a whole lot of pressure to be fearless and modern. Lourdes Leon has nailed both those when it comes to her sense of style.

    Lourdes LeonLourdes Leon

    Just thirteen years old, the New York drama school student has that relaxed, effortless statement making look which hints there is a lot more to come from the teenager and celeb offspring. Like a good NYC gal, she loves her some black. With accents like scarves, vests and fun socks; she does the whole American Apparel thing without managing to come across as jailbait porn. Oversized shirts and One Stars are her frequent picks for city strolls, as are boho bags.

    This personal, developed sense of taste does not temper her when-in-Rome ability, as she justly adapts when, say, visiting orphan children in Malawi. It's not everyday that a downtown gal can swap out the black leggings for yellow safari pants with ease. She also navigates the red carpet without batting an eye lash, recently working the step and repeat at the premiere of Nine.

    We're picking up what you're throwing down Lourdes, plus we dig your name, so keep it coming. 21 is just around the corner (not so much, but okay). We know you'll bring some hip energy to the scene like mama bear, and these days there's no one like a virgin, so that's one less thing...

    Lourdes Leon

    Lourdes Leon

    [Photos via EOnline, Daily Mail, Bitten and Bound, Getty].