Daily Style Phile: Megan Marie Dodge Isn't Just Your Average Parsons Student

by THERESA WON · May 27, 2009

    Every year, hundreds of hopefuls enroll at the prestigious New School Parson's School of Design determined to make it as the next Donna Karan or Marc Jacobs.  You see them scurrying around the city, with their heavy tomes of fashion knowledge in hand, all channeling one fashion icon or the other and lurking in and out of the tents during Fashion Week.  Out of all these hardcore, starry-eyed fashion mavens, it's hard to pick out individual faces among the sea of aspiring designers.  None have quite the flair or individuality of Parson's junior, Megan Marie DodgeThis up-and-coming It Girl has interned for dynamic fashion movers and shakers like Anna Sui and Rodarte, and it shows in her personal style where on any given day she'll pair a dreamy floral dress with a shiny silver bustier over it.  Although she obviously knows her fashion ABCs, Megan manages to let her own original personality shine through her eclectic ensembles and daring fashion choices.  She's the kind of girl who can throw on a headband fashioned out of cloth mice or channel her inner Peter Pan via a green hat of her own design with a feather saucily attached, and completely get away with it.  This whimsical blonde is sure to never go out of vogue thanks to her mix of bravado and ingenuity.