Daily Style Phile: Socialite Melissa Berkelhammer Doesn't Care For Mean Girls

by REBECCA MACATEE · November 29, 2010

    Lindsay Lohan might be in rehab, but there’s a heck of a lot of real-life ‘Mean Girls’ still partying it up in New York. And while we love this city’s social scene, the Regina Georges and Queen Bees of this town can take things too far. For example, the recent social media attacks on Melissa Berkelhammer. Go HERE for all GofG's photos of Melissa.

    Per today's Page Six article titled "Melissa Berkelhammer recovers after friends feared suicide following facebook post," the Ivy-league grad, Huffington Post blogger, and generally friendly, unpretentious girl was deemed not worthy to attend the Google Fashion event in Soho. The pressures of being a socialite, combined with the audacious questioning of her credentials to attend a party, really got to Melissa.

    She posted a morose Facebook status, causing her friends to worry if she was suicidal. She’s since realized she took her bully’s unfounded opinions too seriously and learned, “…you don’t say things on a public forum like Facebook.”

    Well, we’d be happy to have Melissa at any of our parties. Below, take a look at some of her polished, elegant looks.

    Melissa practices safe sun, embracing her gorgeous, porcelain skin. She often wears creams and ivories to compliment her fair-tones and enviable strawberry-blond hair.

    [Nathalie de Berry, Jennifer Bell Corno, Melissa Berkelhammer]

    But then again, this blogging beauty isn't afraid to spice things up with some sexy red dresses!

    Here, she stands her ground as a style icon, tastefully pairing purple pumps with her little red dress.

    [Bettina Prentice, Melissa Berkelhammer]

    Demure yet alluring- shouldn't all ladies strive for that?