Daily Style Phile: Miroslava Duma

by SUSANNAH LONG · May 25, 2010

    Russian It Girl  Miroslava Duma is splashed all over the blagosphere, but it took a little digging and some google translation love to figure out what she, uh, does. The answer: She stands around looking doe-like. On the side, she's a fashion journalist and a philanthropist.


    Miroslava, the daughter of a prominent Russian family, is a former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia, and currently writes for other publications, such as Glamour Russia, OK Magazine Russia, and Tatler Magazine. So she's Mother Russia's equivalent of New York's more prolific socialites, and she usually looks every inch the fashion professional.

    Her wardrobe choices, like this Proenza Shouler piece, are likely to be pulled straight from the runway . . . but restyled for her petite frame.

    [Image via RedCarpet]

    Predictably, the young fashion plate is a fixture at the major fashion weeks. . . but unlike most, she proves her mettle by interviewing designers like Karl Lagerfeld, and is repeatedly photographed by fashion journalists entranced by her own eye-catching style.

    Miroslava Interviews Karl. Or possibly a wax statue of Karl.

    In addition, the Russian socialite runs a cultural-charitable foundation which, according to the unholy union of Google Translator and Russian TV, is redundantly called "Planet of the World." What does this foundation do? No one in the English-speaking world knows. Perhaps it raises funds for museums, or third-world health initiatives, or vodka farmers. Or maybe it furthers Miroslava's style philosophy, which mixes classics with dramatic signature pieces . . .

    In the cold, Miroslava wears everything from Zara capes to boldly printed winter coats by Denis Simachev.

    And in summer, she's hardly ever without her hat.

    Vladimir Putin must be doing something right, if he's running a country whose fashion vanguards are doing so well. Kudos. Or, as the Russians say, "Влад, ты все равно пугает дерьмо из нас!"*

    *"Vlad, you still scare the crap out of us!"