Daily Style Phile: Pia Arrobio Proves Bi-Coastal Is Beautiful

by THERESA WON · May 11, 2009

    [All photos from LAGIRLSNY & piaarrobio] Full of West Coast confidence and New York attitude, California transplant and Manhattan blogger Pia Arrobio, has successfully made a name and home for herself far away from her hometown in Pasadena.  She chronicles her creative and fun exploits on her blog, aptly titled "fighting the war against blowing it".   Her style is eclectic; one day it's luxe boho-chic, mixing high and low vintage pieces and fabulous fur, another she might feel like channeling her inner Courtney Love via lace, grunge, and rockstar pout.  Currently enrolled in New School, Pia has come a long way from the plaid skirts required by the all-girls private school she attended in Los Angeles. Featured in blogs like LAGIRLSNY, the lifestyle group that depicts what happening bi-coastal girls-about-town like Pia are up to, it looks like Pia has the best of both coasts and knows how to strut her stuff, no matter what city she's in.