Daily Style Phile: Talia Eisenberg, Chic Gallerist

by Rachelle Hruska · August 20, 2008

    talia eisenberg

    I had been hearing about Talia Eisenberg for a couple of years.  New York may seem like the "Big City", but it's really just a small town full of even smaller circles.  I can't count how many times when, after hearing I lived in Omaha, NE, people would say "Oh so you know Talia?".  You can imagine how thrilled I was when I actually met her (on an elevator going up to the Soho Grand Penthouse for a party).  We talked Buffett, and Dodge, Runza, and Peoney Park...and ever since then, we have been keeping an eye on each other.

    talia eisenbergtalia eisenbergtalia eisenbergtalia eisenberg

    More story and photos below:

    Most recently, I ran into Talia (who was with her friend Annabelle Vartanian) outside of Bella's on Monday night (it's closing night).  She looked fabulous as ever.  I love the uniqueness of Talia's ensembles.  Monday she mixed a very LES outfit with a cute cloth-flower headband...and it miraculously worked.  Talia breathes "cool", lighting up whatever room she walks into....Lately, the room that has seen the most of Talia has been the Heist gallery, her baby that she opened this Spring on 27 Essex Street (an equally stylish fit).

    talia eisenbergtalia eisenbergtalia eisenberg

    [Heist Gallery] [RIP Bella's 2006-2008]