Terence Koh, The New Gothic Birkin Defacer

by KATHERINE NEIFELD · October 20, 2010

    Frequent Lady Gaga collaborator -- have you seen him counting 88 Pearls into a Bowl with the songstress herself? -- Mr. Terence Koh styles himself as a New Gothic artist. And in case you were doubting the authenticity of such a dark classification.... consider the following: Koh sold his own feces for $500,000 -- don't fret, it was gold-plated  -- in the tradition of the conceptualists. (Or very savvy business people.)-

    The above is all very fascinating, of course, but Koh really made it into this column for his actions in April,  defacing the one item that all fashion people everywhere have agreed to truly love and to cherish with their entire hearts for as long as we all shall live:

    Terence wrote.

    On a Birkin.

    With a Pen.

    Here is some photographic evidence of the aforementioned fact, because I couldn't really fathom the idea of it either.

    There's just nothing else left to say. We're still reeling...

    [Photos via and Styleite]