Daily Style Phile: T.V. Carpio And Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

by Sun Kersor · January 4, 2011

    When a botched rope swing left actress Natalie Mendoza with a concussion that put her out of commission, T.V. Carpio stepped up to the role of Arachne in Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. But what provenance led her to this stylishly dare-ridden  Broadway stardom?

    The 29-year-old singer/actress,Teresa Victoria Carpio (shortened to Boob-Tube abbreviation) is an Oklahoma City native  of an American-Chinese-Filipino background. Her mother, Teresa Carpio, is a singer, and her father, Peter Mui, among other business ventures co-founded Tungtex (Holdings) Co Ltd, a garment maker based out of Hong Kong.

    Carpio debuted in 2006  on Broadway in Rent as Alexi Darling (and other characters) in 2006. That Boho project, in which she plays a producer at Buzzline, may give her the scrapiness and authority she needs to survive in the Marvel theatrical realm.

    In 2007, she played a lesbian cheerleader named Prudence in "Across the Universe," that flick set to the music of The Beatles. After getting shot down by a hot pom-pom girl in her squad she escapes to New York City. In the film, she sings a moderato version of "I Want to Hold Your Hand."

    Of course, she may want to hold someone's hand if the rope-play involved in the $65 million dollar Broadway debacle continues in its current manner.

    Her other acting stints have come in appearances on The Jury and Law & Order--roles that will prepare her well should she need to take legal action against future injuries.

    And now: cue her role at Arachne. Originally cast as Miss Arrow, Peter Parker's school nurse who reveals she is composed of spiders when talking to a spider deity in church, she has assumed the role of Arachne, inspired by the character in Greek mythology who challenges Athena to a weaving contest and gets turned into a spider in light of the goddess's jealousy.

    For her costume, might we suggest extra back-up webs and cords to secure her safety. The injuries have become the show's greatest fashion faux-pas.

    [Image Cultural Compulsive Disorder]