Devorah's Diary: Paws For Style

by DEVORAH ROSE · July 17, 2008


    [Devorah Rose at Paws For Style]

    Paws for Style may seem like its all doggy-glitz and glam but it is much more than that. The core reason everyone came together on July 15th was to promote animal welfare and rescue efforts. Being a part of this event was not only an honor but a ton of fun! First of all, wearing FORM always makes me feel great. Jerry Tam, the founder of the fashion-forward label, is a true artist…and most recently, he can add reality star to his long list of accomplishments. So make sure you catch him on Project Runway!!

    Believe it or not, I actually arrived on time to this event. After walking the red carpet, I was immediately whisked upstairs where Ramona was being taped for Housewives of New York. After strutting the catwalk, I had a couple of fun interviews and, finally, I was brought backstage again. Once there, I ran into Lauren Conrad. She had been absent all night and seemed to appear out of nowhere. I think the strangest thing was that she appeared to “look” upset instead of “feeling” upset. It was as if she was making pouty faces but the rest of her seemed calm and relaxed. Then again, she could just be someone who knows how to stay calm under pressure.

    devorah roseI have to say that this was a very special night for several different reasons. First, my mother flew in from a visit to the jungles of Guatemala (she was spending time in Tikal ) to the catwalks of New York . Not only was my mother there but my New York family -- Justin Mitchell, Emily Brill, Jen Ortiz, Jerry Tam, Annabel Vartanian, and Tracy Stern -- were there too. It meant the world to me that my mother was there to put personalities to the various PMC images (she thought everyone was so much prettier in person). Of all the night's entertainment, she especially enjoyed Emily’s embarrassing tales of our adventures in the Hamptons and Emma Snowden-Jones’ indefatigable wit.

    All said, the night was absolutely perfect!