Update: Devorah Rose And Salman Rushdie Officially Not Dating!

by guestofaguest · November 29, 2011

    After a misleading tweet, it seems Salman Rushdie has quite urgently denied any romantic involvement with self-crowned social queen Devorah Rose. Within 24 hours he has already publicly stated to The New York Post,

    “I’d just like to express my personal embarrassment about your story today linking me with Ms. Devorah Rose. There is not, and will not be anything between Ms. Rose and myself. I am mortified that her Twitter feed suggests otherwise.”

    Rut-roh DR! Were you just pretending Rushdie was your BF?

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    This alleged saucy date happened at Indochine last Friday night and was publicized through her tweet where the dogged reality TV star wannabe expressed her over excitement for another meetup. Perhaps it's Rushdie's history with dating gorgeous models, or Devorah mistaking a casual dinner as something a little bit more, but hope of a second date has clearly been denied.

    We expected a little more tact from Deborah Denise - but never fear, there's still time to find a companion for the holidays!


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