Emily Brill Explains Her PR Team, And Her Site's Revenue (Or Lack Thereof)

by Stanely Stuyvesant · January 16, 2009

    In response to yesterday's blogalite piece, more specifically our assertion that Emily Brill has a fulltime PR publicist and web team, Brill wrote in to set the record straight, and refute previous blog reports here (NYmag), and here (Gawker).  It turns out she has instead a "media strategist". She even manages to throw a barb at Gawker overlord Nick Denton!

    "I’d like to set the record straight. I’ve never hired a ‘publicist.’ About a year ago, some pictures of me in a bikini on a private family trip were posted on the Internet. I got a scared, and not knowing what to do (especially when reporters started calling my cell phone from unknown numbers late at night and casting directors started asking me to come in and answer questions about my life…on camera), I decided to hire a media strategist to manage the attention I was GETTING and advise me (my dad wasn’t up for the task).

    But I’m doing things on my own now, though my Dad occasionally puts his two cents in. As for ‘web people’, I only wish I had a full time staff:). But until I have more income than my site’s ad revenue, it would be fiscally insane for me to hire anyone. (A lesson Nick Denton seems to be re-learning lately.) I know I’m lucky because my parents finance a (nice) roof over my head, great health care and I guess enough to go out a few times a week, but none of this is acceptable to them or to me and I’m working hard to make changes. They worked for everything we have. But for now and for the record, I assure you that this ‘blogalite/media heiress’ — and I do hope you’ll call me a writer one day– is a one woman show. Emily"