Happy Birthday Emily "The Eldridge" Brill! A Year In The Life Of A Budding Blogalite

by Stanely Stuyvesant · December 11, 2008

    Emily Brill

    Yes it's a wonderful day in Gotham.  Emily Brill will be celebrating another year on planet earth, and what a BRILLiant year it was!  This brand new 26 year-old budding blogalite has been blogging up an Essential storm on the interweb over at essentiallyemily this past year and there's had no shortage of drama.  Here are some highlights for your to enjoy.  Let's Rock!

    Loyal readers will remember how the Brillmeister's late night escapades at the Eldridge, namely waiting outside for 40 minutes, gave birth to her nickname "The Eldridge", and her subsequent decision to stay above 14th street.  Emily shot back saying her entrance to the Eldridge was merely a slight delay.

    In September Page Six took a shotgun to her and managed to coax the “Grande Dame” Emma Snowdon-Jones into taking multiple “anonymous” snipes. Being quite the lady, Emily decided naturally not to unmask Emma, instead opting to post a detailed profile of Emma with everything short of her name. So we felt a little sorry for her and decided to lend a helping hand by unmasking Emma Snowdon-Jones ourselves.

    In October Emily held a debate party at Dorrians, and dished to us what she really thought about Palin, the Presidential debate, blogging, and the Eldridge of course!  Later that month she got into a cat fight with Mary Rambin at nonsociety.  Rrrrrrr!

    And then tragically in November Emily took a suprise hiatus from blogging, prompting us to go crazy, set up a tip line, and post some of her most memorable pieces.  Luckily, she returned several days later.

    Finally in December, we thought of giving her and fameball Julia Allison the pink keyboard for blondes for xmas, and it is also her Birthday this month!