When's the last time you ended a dinner party panting and touching yourself? (And no, we don't mean in the coat room with another guest.) Get your mind out of the gutter, people! We're talking meditation, deep breathing exercises, and stroking your beautiful face - all in the company of other women.

On Tuesday, surrounded by flowers, crystals, and bunches of sage, I joined a bevvy of well-heeled ladies for a "Channeling Your Feminine Energy Dinner Party," hosted by wellness goddess Ariana Cleo and the always female-focused Bumble. The location, a private room above clean beauty hub, The Detox Market, was gorgeous. The raw, vegan family-style dinner? Delicious. But the real magic happened after we finished our meals.

Led by self-love and Kundalini Yoga expert, Miauw-Ling Oei, a group of strangers, new friends, and old friends, came together in some serious spirituality. We worked our way up, first closing our eyes and clearing our minds, then practicing some deep-breathing, which turned into rapid breathing, which led to fully embracing ourselves by stroking our faces, necks, and finally, our entire bodies (mind you, the windows in this place were large and looked directly out onto Houston street, so by the time we were swinging our hips around, we couldn't help but laugh at the little crowd gathered outside, looking up curiously at what seemed like a coven meeting). Slowly indulging in some chocolate dusted with Moon Juice's Sex Dust certainly didn't hurt when it came to inspiring some self-centered sensuality.

With some newfound connections, a refreshed appreciation of my cheekbones, and some oil for my yoni (Google it), I left feeling lighter and kinder, especially towards myself.

After such an amazing experience, I tapped our hostess for some inside info and tips for throwing your very own “Feminine Energy” soirée. Gather your girls and get your chakras ready.

[Photos by Fay Fox]