Festive Fun: Victory Club's Annual Cookie Swap

This past Saturday, dining society catering to culinary and cultural enthusiasts Victory Club held its annual cookie swap. Hosted by Jack and Dolly Geary, guests gathered at art gallery Geary Contemporary to eat, drink, and be merry. 'Twas a most festive fete, with flutes of GH Mumm, treats galore from Eleni's Bakery, Brookie's Cookies, Amy's Bread, Neuman's Kitchen, and Studmuffin Desserts, and the brilliant backdrop of Michael Meehan's Ice Bather exhibition.

Definitely no silent night - Who was there? Abby Porter, Clare McLaughlin, Dolly Geary, Emily Morse, Jack Dickey, Jessica Roy, Jiajia Fei, Jodi Nass, Julie Kossendrup, Kaitlin Orr, Kristin Simmons, Max Schapiro, Michael Meehan, Minnie Kim, Rachel Tashjian, and, but of course, Victory Club Founder, Stephanie Nass.