Forever on our list of Hottest Socialites, Sofia Sanchez de Betak (or Chufy to those in the know), has completely outdone herself with her latest exclusive capsule collection. Partnering up again with The Luxury Collection, Sofia's designed an epic line of Japanese inspired pieces. Kimono-styled silhouettes, playfully eccentric prints - prepare yourself for another Gucci fur slide moment where everyone you see this spring will be draped in one of her fabulous frocks. Silk dresses, bomber jackets, and full on kimonos

Inspired by her travels throughout Japan, Sofia fell so love with the culture she had to bring it back with her. And of course, in true de Betak fashion, such an exciting launch called for an equally epic celebration. Turning The Webster store in Soho into a work of Japanese art, with Hokusai-inspired waves, and shelves of geisha themed souvenirs and Kawaii toys, the It Girl didn't stop there. Limos ushered guests from one portion of the evening to the next, arriving at NINJA, an underground restaurant built to replicate an authentic Japanese village, complete with mazes and clever contraptions, guests were immersed in cherry blossom trees, lanterns, and even taken aback by surprise ninjas. But of course things didn't end there, with the event featuring omakase delivery from Sushia Abazu, EN Brasserie, Omen Azen, and Blue Ribbon Sushi.

Would you really expect anything less from a woman who's multi-day wedding Patagonian celebration is still the end all be all of destination weddings?

[Photos via Matteo Prandoni for BFA]