A Sex And The City 2 Event For Every Type Of Fan

by ALANNA LINDER · May 20, 2010

    Now that Sex and the City has generated the most hype since … well we don’t even know when … the Y2K bug perhaps? The list of soirees, cocktail parties and shopping extravaganzas inspired by the four lovely (albeit aging) ladies keeps growing at an exponential rate, and the agendas are becoming more cliché by the minute.-

    - With Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha inspired cocktails and girlie camaraderie every which way we look, we have to wonder whether the parties and events will be the only positive outcome to the sequel. I mean to be frank, does a bunch of middle aged women riding around on Camels really relate to the old school Sex and the City we all fell in love with? Probably not. So, we figure it’s probably best to squeeze as many free drinks and excuses to shop out of this movie release as possible – it’s just probably a good idea to figure out which events to leave to the tourists, which to skip all together (and remain bewildered as to why anyone would attend at all) and which to plan our entire schedule around.

    The events that should make it on your calendar:

    The Actual Movie Premiere When: May 26, 2010 Where: Radio City Music Hall Why: Let’s not get carried away and forget the actual movie premiere. It promises to be a star studded event and of course, a chance to see the movie first – before everyone ruins the apparent plot twists and turns. Release Party at the Empire When: Friday, May 21 9 pm – 4 am Where: The Deck at the Empire Rooftop Why: This has good old fashioned Friday night fun written all over it. Might as well down cocktails while overlooking the Manhattan skyline to celebrate the return of the four fabulous SATC women, just remember to bring your big purse because it’s all about giveaways and party swag.

    For those of you who are still swooning in the wake of the Cosmo, feel free to show up at one of these events:

    SATC2 Party When: Wednesday, May 26th 8 - 11pm Where: McFaddens 800 Second Avenue, New York Why:Hey, why not purchase a raffle ticket with your booze? I know how we all like to feel like we’re at a high school basketball game, trying to recapture our youths while precariously balanced in manolo-esque stilettos after downing all the two-for-one cocktails your $20 door ticket would allow. A Toast to Carrie When: Wednesday May 26th 7 - 9 pm Where: SideBAR 118 East 15th Street, New York Why:Are you overly curious as to what exactly Samantha would taste like as an alcoholic beverage? A strange question, but one SideBAR hopes to answer.

    But hey, if you’re not really into the whole drinking scene and you’re more likely to spend your Friday night trying to recreate the exact red of Miranda’s bob with a five dollar bottle of hair dye from Duane Reade, maybe one of these events is more your speed:

    Ted Gibsons Sex and the City 2 Blowout Party When: May 14th - 29th Where: 184 Fifth Avenue, 2nd Floor Why:Designed primarily for the chick that is constantly lusting over Carrie’s luscious locks and just dying to sit in the same stylists chair as Sarah Jessica Parker. Who would turn down a chance to rub shoulders with B-list stars while being treated to one free glass of champagne and a mere 15% off an overpriced hair cut? Oh right, anyone not from Brooklyn. Sex and the City Pamper Me Extravaganza When: Friday, May 29 Where: Ripley Grier's Studio 520 West 8th Avenue, 17th Floor Why: The plan is to watch the first Sex and the City while munching on appetizers and getting pampered by a mobile spa. We don't really understand ... hasn't everyone seen the first movie a dozen times?

    If you are one of those SATC fans who is using the release of this sequel, whether it is truly the death of the series or not, as an excuse to shop for anything and everything - make sure to take note of some of these events:

    Limited Edition SATC2 Makeup Brush Set Giveaway When:Friday, May 21 Where: Macy's Herald Square, New York - at the Fragrance Bar Why:Purchase $100 worth of stuff storewide and get some limited edition makeup brushes. Cool! Now you can look old and airbrushed too! Decadestwo and Hautelook sponsored Sex and the City Shopping Soiree When: May 21 10 am – 7 pm Where: It’s so amazing and exclusive that it’s still a secret! Why: Essentially, the shopping event of your dreams. Four closets, one super-glam apartment and designer clothing galore. Everyone knows that their husband/siblings/parents/roommates will understand when you come home with a giant bag of shoes – you simply just have to explain with an “I had to – Charlotte was wearing these shoes (or whatever your vice may be) in that scene where she fell off the Camel.” Trust us, all will be forgiven.

    Ultimately, we should all be thanking Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte for giving us girls a chance to drinkdrinkdrink, pamper ourselves and shop, all in the name of Sex. But there’s really no need to overdo it –  it’s probably better to skip the dive bars and SATC tourist traps and stick to something simple with a more exclusive guest list, like the Bergdorf after party. But, if you insist on doing the touristy thing (dont worry, we wont tell) check this out!

    Midnight Madness With Willie Garson When: Wed, May 26  6:00 pm - 2:00 am Where: On Location Tours, 10 West 37 St, New York, NY Why: The madness begins with SATC hotspot tours – and a run-in with Willie Garson is promised. Plus, you get dinner at Fresco by Sotto, a private midnight showing of the film and VIP admission to Marquee. Sounds like a girl’s night out to us.