Astrology Zone, The Science Of Signs

by guestofaguest · April 8, 2008

    astrology zone

    Note from GofG: Upper East Side's "Muffy" is back to share her knowledge on all things under the sun....and moon, and stars, and cosmos....

    As the visionary behind Astrology Zone, Susan Miller has changed my perception of astrology. I've had the good fortune to meet her and her two lovely & talented daughters a couple years ago (thanks AW!). When we met I was a casual reader of her column in In Style magazine, occasionally, on my cell phone, and have been exploring the subject in greater depth ever since. Recently I attended her afternoon conference, which was as informative as it was inspiring. Similar to reading Latin, articulating the energy of the universe in an astrology forecast is subject to the interpretation of the translator. Susan’s intuitive analysis of the heavens is unmatched-outside of the family. The gift may be inherited, as she was taught astrology from her mother, aka, Little Mom.

    My astrology awakening occurred on Thanksgiving '06 when I mentioned to Susan that my (then) boyfriend made a drastic change in his life by joining the military, leaving New York and his corporate life behind.

    SM: Was this a planned decision or sudden, did this happen in the beginning of September? Me: Yeah September 4th. SM:I figured. There was an eclipse that day; his father was devastated wasn't he?

    He acted before thoroughly evaluating the decision, and its consequences. His father was affected more severely than the other people in his life. Susan was able to decipher this conclusion based on the dynamics of the eclipse. She could have easily said that I must be devastated, or his mother, but she knew it was his father. After we spoke, I felt profoundly aware of my situation, and was able to evaluate my experiences differently-with finely tuned senses.

    Intrigued, I ordered my natal chart, My Personal Horoscope, from her website. For those who don't know, it's a natal chart gives reason to why those who share the same sun sign are vastly different. Charts contain numerous elements, the most influential aspects being: sun sign, rising (ascendant) and moon. Natal charts are calculated using gender and precise date, time and place of birth. I received my chart in the form of a beautifully illustrated 64-page book, which outlines the heavens, relevant to me, and defines what each factor indicates about my personality. It’s surprisingly accurate and remarkably detailed. Learning astrology is intense but fascinating, an intricate art.

    Saying “Mercury’s retrograde” elicits nods of recognition from most who know me. Several of my skeptic friends are now avid fans. I had a friend’s chart done; he loves/uses the book so much he’s literally torn it apart! Even If you cannot accept the idea of astrology, you could still read Susan Miller every day. I check my sun sign (Scorpio) and my rising (Cancer) daily. I also have her “Year Ahead” calendar on my apartment door. It's motivational and helps me maintain a positive attitude all while figuring out what day it is.

    Understand that the message is dependent on the interpretation, and an open mind will allow you to see beyond face value. Toward the end of the February '08 conference, Susan shared an anecdote in which Little Mom says to her “...astrology determines the conditions, YOU determine the outcome…”

    Rebecca Gordan is Susan Miller’s protégé. She’s highly skilled and offers an array of consultations. Find out more about Rebecca HERE.