Canon G9, The Camera Of Choice For The Hippest Professional Photographers

by Rachelle Hruska · August 25, 2008

    david x prutting

    Many of you will recognize David X Prutting. One of the many hip guys BEHIND the camera for PMC. David X was around this weekend to share all of his photo-taking secrets.  There are apparently two things I need to know: Get the Canon G9, and find some retro sunglasses.  Voila!  I'm a hip PMC photographer!!!!  This is the camera of choice for most all of Patrick's photogs....including his own son Liam (who, along with the Canon G9, also subscribes to the cool sunglass trend).  If it's good enough for Liam and David X, it's good enough for me.  Time to stock the gofg offices with G9's.