Cosmos And Veuve Make Room For New Favorites

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 2, 2008

    champagne, cosmos, SATCJust for a minute, pretend that more SATC talk isn’t like fingernails on a blackboard. OK, good. Now, those of you who have seen it, please answer me this: what happened to the Veuve?!? When Samantha busted into Carrie’s apartment with champagne, we were all expecting the familiar yellow label. Instead, she whipped out two bottles of silver-labeled bubbly. So, while we’re fairly certain that the SATC branding gods didn’t switch the Veuve Yellow Label for the Demi-Sec (or did they?), we would like to know which house took the endorsement.

    Unlike the unidentified champagne, Chimney Rock unequivocally basked in the SATC spotlight. Its Elevage Blanc was featured prominently at the MoMA Premiere party and appeared in certain SATC scenes (sorry, we missed it). Unfortunately, I don’t know that because I attended the Premiere party at MoMA; nor am I an oenologist who can ID wine labels from afar. Instead, I found the whole story here.

    As for me, I never liked the Cosmopolitan and was thrilled when the Blue Water Grill promotional martini – the one as big as my head (and sold at a BARGAIN price of $25, might I add) – was a different mix. Veuve, however, was a great call – but I suppose it’s time for the SATC ladies, along with the rest of us, to move onto greener vineyards. And no, Veuve Rosé doesn’t count (even though it’s SO GOOD).