Fashion-Scents With A Sense Of Fashion

by DOUGLAS MARSHALL · May 23, 2008

     Meet my new obsession: Bond No. 9’s WEST SIDE. I’ve known about Bond No. 9 for a while and admired from a far, but when I was checking out Blush, the new niche beauty store in Fairfield, Connecticut the West Side fragrance was prominently displayed. The pretty bottle - which is a real head turner, first lured me in but the scent stole my heart. Somehow this fragrance brings music to my mind and lifts me up. (Cue in Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” playing in the background).

    When I did more research on West Side I learned that music of Manhattan’s West Side was the inspiration for this lux parfum, so it’s no accident that the notes of the scent (Musky Vanilla, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood & Peony) inspire notes of beautiful music. Bond No. 9’s West Side plays tribute to the musically gifted west side of Manhattan where music legends were born; think Carnegie Hall, Cotton Club, Lincoln Center and don’t forget the Copacobana. The scent and the idea behind it are genius. After all, Bond No 9’s West Side is beautiful, she smells good, and my how she photographs well! Now that’s total harmony I can get into.