GofG Summer Plans, Brought To You From The Undergrad

by CLAIRE WILLETT · May 16, 2008

    HamptonsHola amigos! After four summers of whistle-twirling, chlorine-soaked drudgery, I am finally trading pools for beaches. And which beaches could possibly compel me to ditch the red one-piece and the dulcet soundtrack of tripping toddlers? Could they perhaps be the Pucci-strewn sands of Long Island"s South Shore? Damn straight, m"dears. Starting this Monday, Holly, Single Threat, and I will be playing on the grounds of not only the rich and famous, but also the locals, the old-timers, the year-rounders. We mean to bring you the Hamptons uncut, through the eyes (at least in my case) of the visitor, the guest of a guest.

    Be it fish, grape, or musty fifties couture, we"ll have it covered. During the weekdays, Holly and I will be roving from town to town on our sweet bikes, recording anything and everything that sparks our interest. If you spot us, don"t be strangers! Come say hello, and tell us where to go next. See you soon!

    The Undergrad