Two Weeks Strong For Kira Plastinina

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 16, 2008

    Kira Plastinina

    Today marks the two-week anniversary of Kira Plastinina, one of SoHo’s newest additions. We like Plastinina because she’s ambitious, Russian, fabulous and … fifteen years old. Coming to us straight from the ranks of the New Russian elite, she is Russia’s newest fashion export since … Valentin Yudashkin? Regardless, we do know that Plastinina is very special, indeed. W Magazine reports that she already has 40 stores open across Russia and the Ukraine. Her SoHo store, stocked with clothing for “normal teenage girls,” is all lipstick and bubblegum.

    The palate is mostly pink, black, white, silver and gold – full of feminine spunk and shine. While the clothing wasn’t our style, since we’re much further outside the realm of “teenage girl” than we’d like to admit, we certainly liked some of Plastinina’s designs. We can only hope that she brings us some of those same cuts in different colors and fabrics. In the meantime, we’ll pop in once in a while and strike lewd poses inside the photo booth in the back of the shop (Plastinina lost the traditional photo booth curtain and added a door).

    Kira PlastininaKira Plastinina