Gossip Girl Cast Ready To Make Their Scripts A Reality

by Rachelle Hruska · May 2, 2008

    Chase CrawfordI admit, I committed a huge party foul in failing to bring you this week's Gossip Girl. As it turns out, there are more important things in life than watching the show, like finding a place to live. And while it's old news now, (go to NYMag, Gawker, or even EssentiallyEmily to get your fill), one thing that's not over? Chase Crawford's flirting.

    On the show this week he started cozying up to Vanessa (this btw I am NOT happy about), in real life it seems he's a fan of the less maintenance girls as well, breaking hearts all over the LES. You've gotta love a healthy, attractive young man taking full advantage of this city. As for Gossip Girl news....a friend informed us last night that they were filming the final episode of the show yesterday, a wedding scene with Serena's hot mom and bad boy Chuck's intense dad. We expect to see the real life cast members out east this summer, ready to play.

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