Kelly Will Takes On "Six In The City" For Page Six Magazine

by Rachelle Hruska · September 8, 2008

    kelly willI'll never forget the first time I met Kelly Will. I was new on the scene and didn't quite know what to make of my surroundings: Penthouse at the Soho Grand.  It was an after party for some movie or another, though I couldn't tell you what.  And Kelly, seemingly unsure on how uncomfortable I was at the time, graciously chatted me up like we had been friends for years.  She looked like the kind of girl that knew EVERYTHING about the city and it's societal affairs.  She did too. Thankfully, I've managed to materialize that night into an actual friendship.  She has done me the honor of writing for gofg on occasion and I could not be more pleased to hear that she is the new go to gal over at Page Six Magazine.

    It has just been announced that Kelly will join Faran Kerntcil (of The Imaginary Socialite/Fashionista Fame) in writing the "Six in the City" column for Page Six Magazine.  And, with this announcement, I can hardly believe our luck. We get to read Kelly ever single week both in print and online! Congrats are in order.