Lydia Hearst The Newest Gossip Girl

by Rachelle Hruska · April 22, 2008

    tattoos [Guess the wrists]

    I could have called this one from a mile away. It's no "breaking news" that Lydia Hearst will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl for a minor roll this season. We have seen her hanging out with the cast members in real life on countless occasions (remember the "guess the tattoo" post?) Plus her bff Michelle Trachtenberg is going to be making her debut on the next episode. As one source said:

    "Being young, rich and beautiful, I guess it was fated that Lydia should join the cast, but I don't believe she'll be playing a good girl."

    NO?!....Really??? What a perfect occasion for her to show off those puma-brand bags of hers. Stayed tuned for my full recap of last nights episode later today. In the meantime, if anyone knows where we can score Chuck Bass' whale sweater, PLEASE email us asap.

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