Master Vs. Protege: Courtroom Edition!

by MADDY MADISON · April 1, 2008

    jewish warAs an atheist raised in a super lax Jewish household (redundant?), I take special pleasure in watching my quasi-brethren roll around in the gossipy muck once in a while. With enough puns to choke a horse, NY Mag informs us that Woody Allen, Grand Poobah of 'All Things New York' and Jewish, has taken Dov Charney to court. Charney, you'll remember, is the somewhat smarmy, somewhat Jewish soft-porn advocate behind American Apparel and its spandex-spread-eagle ads over major Manhattan and L.A.

    The lawsuit originates from those same ads which, Allen contends, use unauthorized images of his character from the classic ode to Jewish neuroticism, Annie Hall. Before you shrug your shoulders, recall that this movie convinced an entire generation of nice Jewish boys from Long Island that they too could get laid by a Connecticut WASP, if they just emanated enough self-loathing wittiness while buying them dinner. So now, in a moment of Oprah-fied full circle-ness, Allen's own sexual neuroses caught on film are being used against him by another Chosen entrepreneur specializing in sex, kvetching, and media exploitation. It warms the heart.