More Banks Doesn't Equate Convenience

by guestofaguest · August 14, 2008

    chase bankApparently Chase went ahead of the commerce banking game and installed these cool ATMs that make depositing checks or cash a lot easier. No envelopes, no forms ... just stick them in the slot and you are good to go. I was thrilled when we saw them for the first time today, ready to deposit some checks ourselves.

    Well, after 6 attempts - we kept getting the same message that the machine couldn't read our checks, as were the others. Hence a huge line formed inside the bank. Alright, we'll just walk to another Chase with the original ATMs (after all we bank with Chase because they are literally all over the place). Well from 42nd to 34th, all the way down Broadway - passing by two Bank of America's, a WaMu, a Commerce Bank, a Capital One and a something else bank ... no Chase in sight! Finally at 34th and Madison we found one! Well guess what, though containing about 8 original ATMs, there was actually a line for the ATMs!! To make a long story short ... that was a bit past noon today. It is now past midnight and we still have in my possession, two very ordinary checks that we cannot deposit.