New Yorkers Are Gettin' Fit Whilst Floppin'

by COLLEEN KROPP · May 29, 2008

     Though I have not tried them myself or seen them in person, I cannot help being intrigued by the latest subway advertisements for FitFlops, the latest "get a workout while you walk" shoe (and they come in a nice assortment of colors –trust me, I've already checked on Macy's website). I wonder, though, how effective they actually are. I would not call them the most aesthetically pleasing form of footwear, but if they actually are beneficial, then I'd be willing to throw aesthetics out of the window for a nice walk through the park with these new babies.

    [Image via The FitFlop]

    The sale price (at Macy's) is $49.99. I did just buy two pairs of flipflops for five bucks at Old Navy, so thinking of spending ten times as much when I already have a gym membership seems a bit silly. However, I understand a lot of people have busy schedules and are unable to fit in a time to complete a regimented workout – maybe this new product is for them. Apparently the heel absorbs a lot more shock, and the toe is firmer, allowing for a great push off the ground, I suppose. The claim to be a "built-in gym" is a bit much, but hey –great marketing.

    I'd really love to try a pair out, or talk to someone who has. Who knows –this new method of body conditioning could prove to be quite successful.