O+ Men: The Superhero Reborn

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · May 12, 2008

     O  MenFor centuries, comics have been a medium for PR and socio-political commentary. In fact, we have a hyper-political brother who had his humble beginnings in a messy room filled with comic books. It should therefore have come as no surprise when Robert Walker – formerly of Marvel, DC (and Ralph Lauren), founder of Digital Noixe and creator of Delete, a comic series spotlighting race and technology –created O+ Men, a Delete spinoff dealing with the AIDS virus. O+ Men: Negative came out last year, while O+ Men: Positive is set to hit select shelves in late May.

    Always supportive of that which is artistic, informative, and progressive, we suggest that you check it out. Recently, Reuters interviewed Walker on the series and Scanner did an in-depth write-up. Feeling proactive? Buy your copies here. And maybe contact Walker and let him know that Delete needs a Luna Bar, stat. Girlfriend looks hungry.