Shrinking Food

by THERESA WON · July 2, 2008

     Last week, a co-worker of mine told me that my food containers were getting smaller. She was surprised I hadn’t already noticed. Then the little news factoid showed up in Time’s Blog. As New Yorkers, this might be one of the last things we notice. Since we have to lug our groceries home we can convince ourselves that the bags haven’t gotten lighter, we’ve gotten stronger--until we notice sorbet has disappeared a little quicker than usual.

    In short, due to their own financial struggles, instead of raising prices, many companies are deciding to put less food in the packages. This includes Tropicana’s new “redesign,” Kellogg’s cereals putting fewer ounces in the boxes, and even Wrigley’s putting two fewer sticks in a pack of gum. The good news is with food companies moderating their food for you, with the economy sadly on the decline, you can drop the Weight Watchers dues.