Tips For Making Your Own Jorts This Summer

by Rachelle Hruska · July 2, 2008

    JortsThank you, God for giving Lockhart Steele the know-how, time, and ambition to scour through hundreds of blogs each day.  Without this amazing skill, (one that I swear I am brushing up on...rss feeds are my new bffs), I would never have this tip show up in my inbox.  He may have been refering to this.  The fact that he  can keep all of this information in his head (my love of jorts!?), is truly amazing.

    How to make jean shorts (jorts) from Secret Enemy Hideout:

    Email tip from Jessica Schroeder:

    1. Try jeans on. Mark what length you’d like with a pin or little pen mark. 2. Take jeans off, lay on flat surface. 3. Cut straight across. Keep disconnected leg. 4. Lay cut leg on top of other leg. 5. Cut across at this point.

    If you want them to be frayed, roll up hem horizontally so that all cut edges form a “surface”. Take a hair brush and just run it over that surface. This will pull out some weft yarns and let the vertical yarns fray out. If you can, throw them in the wash/dry and the fraying will really come out.

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