Street Meat Has A New Competitor

by MADDY MADISON · February 28, 2008

    cartsThere is no greater pleasure in this world than late night bodega runs and street meat binges. However, our livers (and abs) are not always quite as thrilled as our tastebuds to worship at the altar of Ben and Jerry. Our beloved mayor, Bloomie, wants to call a truce. Remember when we told you about the bill his is office is trying to push through that would license 1,000 mobile green grocers stocked with a farm’s worth of veggies and fruit to be dispersed throughout neighborhoods that see more hostess cupcakes than harvested produce.


    Of course, this is New York and there will always be a chorus of bitching and moaning coming from some corner of the city. This time, it’s the supermarkets: they claim it’s unfair for the new carts to sell vegetables and fruit because it undermines the market for their customers without forcing the green grocers to pay taxes and rent (because they’re mobile, roving units). We think it’s a solid idea whose time has come and are pretty sure the supermarket chains can stay afloat by continuing to charge us communist-era inflation prices for a box of cereal. Not to mention, we’ve heard this kind of thing before. [Why Bloomberg Should Be Our President Round Two]