Taxis that Float on Water

by guestofaguest · June 12, 2008

    Water TaxiWhy, is that a taxi in the Hudson River? Indeed it is, however, nothing to fear. This isn’t some kind of horrific accident, but rather a splendid and safe way to travel around the city, whether you’re a commuter rushing off to work or a tourist looking for a new way to see the sights. NY Water Taxi offers tickets for whatever floats your boat, whether you’re in the mood for a Sunset Cruise departing from the South Street Seaport each weekend night ($25) or a morning commute that let’s you relax with a little river breeze running through your hair before you face the workday ($7).

    Perhaps most exciting, beginning June 26th, NY Water Taxi will offer a special one hour tour of The Waterfalls, New York’s latest major public art exhibit. Olafur Eliasson, renowned Danish artist who is most famous for The Weather Project at the Tate Modern, has produced The New York City Waterfalls both as a source of natural beauty in the most populous city in the country and as an inspiration for its viewers to consider “their relationships to their spectacular surroundings” with the weight of today’s environmental issues at hand.

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