Tomatoes Are The New Bagged Spinach

by SAMANTHA QUEEN · June 10, 2008

    TomatoesWhat is this we hear about rotten tomatoes? Lucky for us, there’s no better time, and no better season, to plant a few tomatoes of our own. While I stole a couple of seedlings from my NJ dacha, I would have tried my local Greenmarket, Plantworks Inc., or Sprout Home, had I been in New York sans tomatoes. So, the silver lining on this salmonella scare? The timing isn’t awful (for us), since it’s only ALMOST too late to plant, and it may just compel us to cultivate our respective green thumbs, along with some nutrient-rich, organic produce. Now let’s just hope that the super doesn’t discover our private rooftop garden … and that if he does, he’ll pretend that he didn’t.