Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · July 10, 2008

    Paul Johnson CalderonPaul Johnson Calderon is chilling at the crib with the mother, then meeting some peeps for a glass of red and a big ol' jaybo. 53 minutes ago

     Nell Rebowe personifying Newton's Third Law. Updated via Facebook Mobile 6 hours ago


     Eric Spear is looking forward to the SPIN magazine party tonight!! 8 hours ago


     James Cruickshank is gonna be on the BOWERY tonight becuase every other party is for Guidos and social climbing vampires especially ones taking place on the west side highway. 9 hours ago

     Alexandra Richards flowers are pretty an grass is always greener. 20 hours ago


     Peter Davis watched The Ruins on DVD and was bummed they ruined The Ruins' ending from the book. The movie is creepy and good though. 21 hours ago

     Wass Stevens is excited about the release of "Harold" this Friday. Quick scene in it, you blink you miss it, but the flick is funny. on Tuesday