Facebook Status Report Roundup

by Rachelle Hruska · February 10, 2009

    Jason Rogers is it's snowing in Budapest!!!! Updated via Facebook Mobile 15 minutes ago


    Carol Han is andddd fashion week starts three days early. See you in two weeks. 19 minutes ago


    Kim Bates is loving Keith Lissner's new Collection. Updated via Facebook Mobile 52 minutes ago


    Douglas Marshall is "I'm not a social climber. You're just sinking". 7 hours ago


    Malcolm Harris is 100% convinced the MENA (Middle Eastern/Northern Africa) region is the new creative frontier. I'm thoroughly excited to be a part of this new movement!!! 7 hours ago

    More status roundups below....

    Adrien Field Stella McCartney's party tomorrow calls for "no fur" on the invitation. What to do!? Thinking of stashing a coat to change into after. 8 hours ago - via Twitter

    Kristian Laliberte there's something in the air tonight, a feeling that you have that could change your life. 10 hours ago

    Andrew Cedotal Now that I think about it, when monetization came up at the NSFW panel I should have asked @charlesforman and @davidkarp about corvée labor. 10 hours ago - via Twitter

    Rex Sorgatz What I learned today: "third base," which once was a synonym for "hands in the pants," is now used by today's youth as "oral." Fucking kids. 15 hours ago - via Twitter